Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Sales Pitch for Bialystok

A recent comment asked me to help a person decide between Bialystok and Szczecin Medical Universities.

In my mind, there's ultimately no difference but here are my points for choosing Bialystok:
1. It's in the "Green Lungs of Poland." Very nice surroundings and the climate isn't so close to the Baltic. Nicer.
2. We have newly renovated anatomy, chemistry, and pathology department. (Pathology is like walking into Narnia. Everything is brand-spanking new. There are costant revovations being done.
3. Our level of education is high. The English curriculum is based exactly on the Polish one. 97.3% of our Polish graduates passed the National Polish Medical Exam (LEP).
4. Last year three of our English students achieved high awards in the Golden Scapula Anatomical contest in Warsaw. Link Here.
5. We have an active student body. We're currently organizing a soccer tournament with other Medical Universities in Poland (English divisions)
6. Bialystok Medical University also gets a lot of EU funding due to our location and medical activity in the professional world.
7. We have our own hospital.
8. Our tuition is 9,500 Euro for first year and 8,500 Euro for succeeding years. Cheaper than Szczecin.
9. I'm here, who wouldn't want to study with me? :)

But essentially it falls down to your choice. There is no doubt that Szczecin is also probably a very good medical university and that their education is adequate. You'll become a doctor here and there and you'll be treating patients (hopefully) with the same amount of respect, dignity, and professionalism no matter where you graduate from.

But I for one would not transfer for any reason. I love it here.
Our Student's site (which I made :) )