Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Anatomy Notes

Anatomy Notes is by Brad Wright from Salt Lake City, Utah in the United States. Before Brad converted to a Medical Student he lectures at the University of Utah School of Medicine. More specifically he taught anatomy to med students. (now here's a lesson to be learned, you stick around long enough with someone and you're bound to turn into them. This goes for all you future psychiatrists... ;) ).

Brad makes it fun and interesting to read about a first year student in medicine. His posts are simple and to the point, yet are written in such a way that they truly get your attention span. If you're not in med school (or if you are and would like to be reminded of those fun first-year times) than Anatomy Notes is a wonderful read. Posts of note: Beer Bellies and Lives, Brain Myths and Facts, Duodenal Design Flaws, and Nipples (now that sounds interesting, doesn't it?)...

There are many more, but the only way to find out is first hand.


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