Monday, September 04, 2006

Try Not To Kill Yourself This Year

When I was deciding where I would do my summer hospital practice my then girlfriend, now fiancée, suggested I do it at an adult hospital. Not in the children's one. She explained that since I will be a "newbie" at everything I will do and most things will probably cause discomfort for the patient while I learn to do them, I should practice on adults as it will be easier for me. She said I wouldn't have to watch as how children cry and squirm in pain as I insert an IV drip, such as Garbage had to do. She also suggested that my first views of hospital practice shouldn't be filled with sick, innocent children.

Garbage's blog, Try Not To Kill Yourself This Year, is a blog that makes you think and realize that a medical professional not only has the feeling of joy when he or she heals, but must also take a share in the sadness of when all that is left is hope and prayer.


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