Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The Examining Room of Dr. Charles

"...is a young physician's attempt to say something pithy." The Examining Room tries to capture a bit of the intersection between medicine and the human condition. It is the combination of a family doctor who likes to write.

Just like our previous blog entry, Dr. Charles has also published a book, Legends of the Examining Room. I like the style of this author. The Mark of Cain is a post that really stands out and is something I bookmarked and sent out to a few friends. You don't see this kind of quality very often.

You may have noticed that some of the above links lead to two different looking websites. The Examining Room of Dr. Charles has it's current home here. The old blog on blogspot is still intact with commentary and posts. Both spots are great resources for good reads.

And of course, there is humour, which essentially for success not only in medicine, but also in blogging as we can see from his disclaimer.

And finally, the ONLY MEDICAL ADVICE I PROVIDE ON THIS SITE IS TO CONSULT WITH YOUR DOCTOR. Okay, okay...don't smoke, pass gas/burp/sneeze/cough simultaneously, or eat wood bark. There you go.


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