Thursday, November 17, 2005

The First of Many

I started a blog not too long ago and wanted it to be something about my life that the world could see. No particular audience. A few months later I ended up in Poland studying medicine and my blog's been changed to a "Medical Blog". More specifically, an account of my experiences as a medical student. The interesting things that happen, the material that strikes the heart, topics that may compell people to wonder, and just plain stupid old me.
Because of this, I searched a few days ago for other Medical Student Blogs and found some. I was a little surprised that there are such blogs, but also kind of expected it. It was kind of hard finding some, or atleast I though so. I read some blogs from all around the world. Ranging from the States and Australia to India and Ukraine (and of course mine in Poland).
I thought it would be interesting to see if a Medical Student Blog Webring could be formed as I couldn't really find one (or maybe just didn't look hard enough :) ). I have no high hopes for this project and I wouldn't be dissappointed if it didn't work out...but if it did, that would be pretty cool. Not to mention helpful for others.
If you have a link to a blog that you'd like on this place, please email me through the Profiles section or through my blog or coment somewhere. I'd also like to get your location to put on the link. I ask that you take the icon that's on the right side at the bottom (and now at the top), the Medical Student Blogs (Med Student) picture thing, similar to the "I power Blogspot" one, and place it on your site somewhere with a link to this one, but that's not necessary. I know not everyone is a "Med Student" (because there are people who have graduated from med school :) ) but medicine is constantly changing and I guess you can consider yourself a student of medicine for life. Hopefully something will come of this :)